My First Creation


How many times have you woke up from your sleep and told yourself you wanted to do something, then actually did it? I’m hoping the answer to that is an infinite amount lol. Well, fortunately for me, that’s exactly how my last few days have gone. I’ve been working at my day job as a Product Support Specialist, managing some very high profile clients, which subsequently led me down the path of web development. Lately I’ve been constantly thinking to myself, if I can do this for such large clients, why can’t I do it for myself? Therefore, I finally did! What initially started off as a stray thought quickly turned into the realization of possibility. I created a squarespace account with the sole purpose of honing my skills before choosing to make any new content. That quickly backfired after my older brother inquired about my web development skills. He is the owner of an auto glass repair service and stated he was currently looking for someone to design a website for him. I took this as a personal challenge and immediately began to immerse myself in everything squarespace I could find. After putting in countless hours of overnight development and content creation, I finally had a rough draft to show! The initial design really caught my brother’s interest, so he decided to stick with my concept. I started this project at approximately 6 pm on 2/2/19 then completed and published the final site around 4 pm on 2/3/19. So to say that I am extremely proud of myself would definitely be an understatement! So I’ll round this up by saying, the only person blocking your road to success is YOU! Stop waiting until tomorrow to do things you can accomplish today! Who knows, maybe you would have already completed that seemingly impossible task by now had you just taken that step!

Brandon Lughas